Friday, July 22, 2011

Of Sneezes & Cold! Sigh..!

Have you seen that episode of Tom and Jerry where Jerry fools Tom by convincing him that he (Tom) has got measles! He makes fun of Tom and pesters him crazily! At last, it is Jerry who actually gets measles! Well, a somewhat similar incident happened with me in the past few days. Sigh..!

It has been raining here, ceaselessly, since past four days. The weather is dark and dingy, wet and cloudy, 24x7. For the first two days, we were relishing the rains. J But now, we are yearning for some sunlight, for a change!

My bro caught cold 3 days back. He was having coughs and sneezes and body aches. He was feeling lethargic and wanted to sleep all day and insisted on putting off the fan. I did not make fun of him but I was continuously pestering him for being a lazybum, not letting him sleep and cribbing when the fan was turned off!

Yesterday when I got up in the morning, I felt a tingling in my throat. Sigh.. I knew what was coming. By the time I took a bath, the tingling grew into pain. L By afternoon I was feeling febrile! Then ofcourse, the cold caught hold of my nose~ continuous irritation and 4-5 sneezes at a time. :/ And then as the night approached, I was all wrapped up in a blanket, feeling cold and sneezing profusely with a head-ache. And when my bro came to the room and tried to approach for the switch of the fan, I .. er.. had to say to him..

“Please fan mat chalao..Hume thandi lag rahi hai” L

He raised his brows and said,
“Ab pata chala hume kaisa lag raha tha” :/

I felt so embarrassed. :P

How I .. (wait, I am trying to remove the word ‘H**E’ from my dictionary, so I would say) ‘dislike’ this cold! :/ No matter how febrile you feel, the mercury in the thermometer will refuse to show any rise and this prohibits you from taking Paracetamol. And the elders will say, “Koi bukhar nahi hai tumhe!” The cough syrups fail to provide relief from the cough for more than 2 hours. And there is nothing you can do to control your sneezes! A terrible body ache follows and what makes it worse is a head-ache! :/

The only thing that seems to provide some relief when you are barely able to breathe, is the Vaporub; but CAUTION- If you overdo it, it can cause further irritation!!

So the only thing you can do is to bear with it and wait, till the virus completes its cycle! :/

Yes, you can certainly make this time interesting! Wrap yourself up in your cosiest blanket and lie down on your bed, with your softest pillow under your head. Keep a novel or some comics (Archie, in my case) handy. Relax and read! Take steaming cups of Coffee at regular intervals to extend some relief to your sore throat. Sounds better..? J

And from next time, be careful, empathise with the person having a cold! Sigh..!

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