Monday, May 30, 2011

A memorable wedding !

After my drop, (not to forget, my not-up-to-the-mark results in PMT) I was a little sad. And this sadness lasted till my visit to my Jija’s wedding @Jaipur.

I was meeting my cousins after 6-7 years. My Masisa’s children ~ Munmun Jija, Chunmun Jija and Bhaiyyu Dada. :) Now, here I would like to mention, that each of them is an extremely impressive personality! While Mummun Jija is extremely glamorous, stylish and independent, Chunmun Jija is full of life, a complete fun-to be-with person. (*There is so much about her that I love.. I guess I’ll dedicate a complete post to her). Bhaiyyu Dada is traditional, yet modern; really very good-looking and sweet! (When all of us got dressed up for Jija’s wedding, all the eyes were on Bhaiyyu Dada :P)

By that time I was just a pampered, shy creature who knew nothing about the worldly business. I really learnt a lot there.

Now, first let me talk about Munmun Jija ~who was the bride-to-be! She was a Captain in the Indian Army (*another impressive thing about her). The way she talked was extremely polite, loving and aristocratic. How poised she was 24x7!

Despite being so busy, she took care to bring me along and help me mix up. The very first day she opened her treasure box full of cosmetics and accessories and gave me loads of goodies including an awesome pair of heels. (I must confess, those were my first-ever accessories :P) Then one day, she caught me and did ‘a lot’ of make-up on my face (it was ‘a lot’ for me because before that I had never used any make up!) Trust me, I was so embarrassed to come in front of my family, she literally had to drag me down to the hall. :P

Then another day she carried (yes, carried! :P) me to the VLCC parlour that was booked for her. She told the beautician “Give her a cut to suit her face”. (*I loved the way she was so natural and confident about whatever she said) And I had the ‘best-ever’ hair cut of my life. :D (She really took pleasure in making others look as good as she did!)

I didn’t even come to know when I learnt *getting beautifully dressed up, *talking, * talking impressively and very importantly *using kajal (and now it is like, people question immediately when I am not wearing Kajal). :)

Now let me talk about the wonderful ‘Event Manager’~ Chunmun Jija! I was amazed to know that she was the person who had taken all the arrangements under her charge! She had booked the Marriage garden, rented this flat for our stay (*as they actually live in Jodhpur), did all the decorations for the pre-marriage functions and what not! I used to accompany her when she used to go for the daily shopping with her friend ‘Gunjan Jija’ in her car. Wow!! So much energy ~ she can well be called ‘a pocket size powerhouse’! The best part was that she did all the work responsibly, happily and tirelessly! Come-on.. she was just in college that time!

She used to get up early, help in the house-work, religiously did her ‘puja’ (*I really admired this in her and by the way, she was my inspiration behind starting chanting the Gayatri Mantra), go for all the shopping and arrangements endless number of times, come back, chit chat with the family, still worked and cracked jokes, did loads of dancing in the evening (*western as well as the traditional Rajasthani ‘Ghoomer’), wrapped up all the work at night and then finally went off to sleep!! Phew..! And when asked how she could do all this, her simple reply was “Timma, sab apne liye kitna karte hain to kya hum log unki khushi ke liye itna nahi kar sakte”. No wonder she is an apple of everyone’s eyes! Everyone loves her ~ our family, her friends .. just everyone ! I so much wished to be her friend but I was so much in awe of her that I could never open up! :/ What a wonderful combination of traditions and modernism she is! <3

So I learnt being **lively (** conditions applied! This depends on my health. Whenever I am anaemic, it disappears), *doing puja, *working selflessly for the family (though this was quite in me since childhood :)),*taking responsibilities, *enjoying and making the others enjoy too. :)

Now, the readers might feel why I am writing about all this here. Well, this is because these are the memories I want to re-live again and again. :) This is the purpose why I have created this blog because I really feel that a person tends to lose touch with himself when he gets busy in his daily chores. This is my way to stay in touch with myself! :)

It was such a memorable trip for me. I didn’t just witness a mind-blowing wedding but also got a renewed and refreshed outlook towards life ~ to make every moment count ~ to be comfortable in your own skin ~ to work more than worry ~ to enjoy and make others enjoy too! :)

And of course! Now I have improvised on the tips Munmun Jija gave me and I am known to be a real stylish one! ;) Its in the blood you see! :)

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