Thursday, May 26, 2011

When it rained in Gwalior.. !

It was a dull morning for me .. till it started raining .. ! :)

I was in a 'not-so-happy' mood when I woke up today ( *happens when I do not have a 'Good Night'. I was irritable and lazy. It was a real dull morning. Some guests had come to visit Nanisa and I did not wish to meet them so I decided to lie down again (*This is another thing I usually do when I am upset ~ spend all day sleeping away!) Then Mom started calling me to see-off the guests.. Seemed to be some important people.. so I reluctantly went out !

To my surprise.. there was a heavy, cool wind, blowing away the dry sand ! The weather changed my mood instantly! (*Since childhood I have been very fond of wind. I would rush to the terrace as soon as I heard the sound of the wind.) Within no time it started raining. 

I pulled out a chair in the veranda and sat there, looking at the beautiful rain (*I used to do it so often when I was a kid..  It was like a source of freshness for me.) 

It was so glorious so see the rain wash out all the dust that ate up the green lustre of the leaves. The trees, the plants and the climbers were all swaying in joy. (*These are all my childhood fantacies. I always felt that the trees enjoy the rain as much as we do.. they dance on the beats of the rain drops). The sound of rain itself was so alluring.. music to my ears. Everything looked so fresh and new! 

The water was flowing from the gray cemented floor (that you see in Government Quarters) into the garden and was getting collected at the roots of the ‘Vidhya’ plant quenching its summer-pressed thirst. Since childhood I always felt sorry (*might sound silly.. but thats me! ) for the areas of the ground that were under a shade and were left untouched by the rain. But the rain always seems to find its own way to reach those areas too.. may take time but it surely does ! :) 

The fragrance of the wet soil combined with the essence of the damp wood .. Oh there is nothing more refreshing than that!  The peacocks were making joyful sounds from every direction. True beauty of nature! 

I wanted to breathe in all the fresh air that I could and to catch every beautiful sight that was visible. When the rain became slow, the birds started hopping out. A small cuckoo was hopping all around the lush green grass (rejuvenated by the rains) of our garden, trying to escape the rain drops and simultaneously trying to shed all the water from its wings.. cute ! :)

Many people might wonder why I am going so ‘nutty’ over this rain. Let me explain what it did to me. 

While I was sitting there, I remembered, that the last time I did this was when I was in Class 10th, I suppose!  Suddenly, I ‘re-discovered’ that this was the source of my simplicity and my calm that used to be the synonyms of my personality few years back ! Yes, I grew up enjoying the beauty of nature ~ the breeze, the rains, the clouds, the plants, the trees, the flowers, the butterflies, the birds and the animals! (*hey.. another thing about me~ I am an animal-lover). This was where I derived my energy and my patience from! (*no wonder I am in love with the colour ‘Green’)

When I was a small kid, I had a colouring book (which actually belonged to my Bro who was hardly interested in books!). I distinctly remember a drawing in the book that really fascinated me ~ A little girl and a boy sitting beside a window with their toys and a cup of, as I imagined, Coffee (with vapours coming out of it). The window was covered with glass and it was raining outside.~ I loved the picture because to me it meant a feeling that while it is raining outside, I am sitting inside my house – so protected and so cosy ! :)

I felt rejuvenated.. it felt as if I again met the girl, that I lost touch with some years back, and that was I ! :) Yes, this is what I love doing ~ Moving into a state of complete meditation, into the nature, away from the humdrums of life. This refreshes my mind and keeps me cool and extends to me, the energy, the power and the patience that I need to live my life happily and peacefully! :) I am a simple girl and I derive this simplicity from nature, to face the hustle and bustle of life with a balanced mind!

Oh what a bliss to touch such an important aspect of my personality once again! :) Thank you Gayatri Mata!

Getting back to the earlier plot, when the rain stopped, I was content (*as i mentioned in my earlier post, this is a wonderful feeling for those who have experienced it.) I took a quiet stroll in the garden. The flowers were fresher than ever. The leaves and the grass were greener than ever. I took the small purple flowers between my fingers to have a closer look .. just like I used to do earlier. I touched the ‘Vidhya’ plant with my palm and it was all wet.. What a lovely, fresh sensation it was! :)

I collected some white fragrant flowers. I also collected the orange flowers of ‘Gulmohur’. (When we were kids we used to collect the buds of these flowers from the ground and used its stamens for a Baby-Sword fight.) :) 

Most importantly, I recollected myself! :)


  1. woof posted a long comment n it got erased dere ws sum probz in postin it...happened 2 read dis 1st as da pichas were my gal uve got potential amin ihd no clue dat u cud write so well haan...must admit dat ur imagination powers outdo m9....da da minutest observations dat u pen down best ov all no redundancy...u've beautifully captured and portrayed da majic ov natural showers girlie! good goin keep writin!

  2. Thanks s ton Aditi ! This gives some encouragement !! :D