Friday, June 10, 2011

Lessons from Life ......!

All of us, during our lives, come across some life changing thoughts and learnings. This post talks about few of the priced thoughts that changed my outlook towards everything in life.

So here we go ~ 

  • Whenever you say something about a person, if the person deserves it,  then it is fine; but if he doesn't, then it gets reflected back to you ~ In my adolescence, I used to be extremely short-tempered. (*As most of the kids are) so my best friend Pallavi shared this thought with me. And how true she was! Unless we are sure about the reasons behind a certain behavior of a person, how can we judge him and retort back to him (*or give our opinions about him) in an unpleasant manner! I understood my folly and rectified it with loads of practice. But somewhere that got lost again when my life became more complex. It became worse when I joined MBA, where everyday you had to deal with a lot of negativity around. But what I could not understand was that this added on to it. Sometimes in life you learn only when you stumble. The same happened with me. All my pessimism and negativity that I uttered, fell upon me. I could not even realize what I was doing until someone :) reminded me of this thought again. Today, when I have imbibed this into my life once again (through a lot of conscious effort) I am feeling its effects. You yourself feel so pure when you do not say ill about others. It is really a pleasant habit to adopt. :)
  • All of us have the power to decide our thoughts and the way we feel~ This is an original thought. :P But yes, it is true. I mean all of us experience this at some point of time but fail to adopt it as a habit. You know, whenever you are in a bad mood or feeling low, you can change it, if you really want to! The same goes with your thoughts. If you want to see good in something, you can; but if you wish to stick to bad thoughts, it is totally up to you. *Here I would like to mention something interesting! Yesterday, I came across the same thought in the famous book "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari". It was such a pleasant surprise to see something that once crossed my mind, written in exact words in an acclaimed best-seller! It made me feel special ! :)
  • The real glory lies in being knocked to your knees and then coming back ~ Well this is a proverb. The point is 'never give up' ! It makes me feel really happy to say that this is one thing I have practiced all my life (and with God's grace, will be able to practice later too). During the most challenging times I complained, I cried, I was sad; but I didn't give up! And as they say 'koshish karne walon ki kabhi haar nahi hoti' ...... I stood up again. :)   
  • Silence speaks a thousand words ~ It is difficult to be silent. Isn't it? But I have learnt something. The more you try to explain yourself to someone, the more he will misunderstand you. If you think you are correct, wait for the person to realize it, instead of defending yourself. If you think you are not valued,do not sing your own praises, instead, wait for the person to realize your worth. They say, 'Good deeds speak for themselves' If a person who is close to your heart) is rude to you, instead of having a war of words and making things worse, stay quiet, the person will realize his own mistake. Every rule has an exception though. I presume, you are wise enough to know when to use it.

  • Adopt the pace of Nature; her secret is Patience~ Patience is a virtue. It certainly is! I truly believe, if you are correct, there is infinite power supporting you and if you are wrong, then there is infinite power opposing you. So stick to the fight when you are hardest hit; Its when things seem worst that you mustn't quit ! So, learn from the previous rule. Stay quiet and wait, if you are correct, you will get your due. God will not be unjust. Though difficult, one should learn to apply the same rule in a fight. Don't jump on to revenge, leave it on God and it will be taken care of. This is a cycle of life, your deeds will never be left unrewarded.
  • Karma kar fal ki icchha mat kar ~ This was something I realized when I was preparing for my MBA entrance test. I am not a saint, that I started following it from the beginning. I started working on my preparation with a thought that I have to clear my entrance test. But this thought used to fill my mind with a lot of apprehensions. So slowly I decided that I will give my best shot (my karma) to y preparations and then whatever result I get, will be God's will. And yes, hard work pays. I got selected in the Institute that I wished to join. Since then, whenever I find anyone getting panic-ridden about results, I tell them this rule. You do your work sincerely, the rest will follow. :)
  • Believe and you can do it ~ They say, everything that you see in real life, was once in somebody's mind. 'Its impossible' says reason; 'Its reckless' says experience; 'Try' says dream! In Roadies, Our beloved contestant Anamika once said, If you give up in your mind and say to yourself "Its impossible" then it is over! Faith can do wonders and the best you can do is have faith on yourself. 'To keep trying' is the Mantra.
  • When you have given your best to something, leave it in the hands of God and it will be taken care of ~ It often happens that despite constant efforts and your best shot towards something, you see no results. This is the time when you should leave it in the hands of God. It is said, 'Once you have found the right direction, all you have to do is, keep moving.' And as I said earlier, your efforts never go unrewarded. :)
  • Think, before you decide to change ~ Most of us do this mistake in life. We change. I do not say that change is always bad,  but one thing is worth mentioning. Change, that comes naturally, can do wonders for your personality; but a change that is forceful, can be equally destructive. So when a person tells you to change, remember, he liked you for what you are and it is your duty to preserve it. That is because, the moment you will change, the same person will find it difficult to accept you in this new avtar. Worst of all, trust me, it is really hard to get 'yourself' back. :)
  • The more you run after something,  the more it runs away from you ~ Well, I guess most of us experience this in life so this doesn't need an explanation. :)
You know what, all this boils down to some key things. Believe in yourself; Be patient and Never do to others what you don't want them to do to you. At the end of the day, What goes around, comes around.  :)


    1. Toofano se bin takraye kashti paar nahi hoti,,,
      Koshish karne walon ki haar nahi hoti..

      Ur growing up fast Shirin... Luv U.

    2. Rightly said but I wish you'd follow these ideals with some more earnestness...Trust me, you'd be far more happier... :)

    3. @Mousumi Ma'am ~ Luv you too Ma'am. :) You are right......I am growing up fast. But sometimes I feel like taking a halt and becoming a kid once again!

      @Bashudha ~ I know ...... I am following all of it. Just wish...... I would have gone into an introspection much earlier! :)