Friday, June 10, 2011

An Unexpected Guest ! :P

This happened two days ago, on 8th June 2011, when a thief entered our house at night.

It was after 2 months of vacations that I decided to sleep a little ‘early’. So I wrapped up my novel and comics and lied down to sleep at 1:23 A.M. (This is ‘early’ after 2 years of MBA!)Little did I know that this night would unfold to be a really crazy one!

I have this weird habit of suddenly waking up several times at night. (Again, all thanks to MBA). So that night too, I suddenly opened my eyes at 2:45 A.M. Now, we keep a small bulb lit all night long in the living room of our house. So, when I opened my eyes, I saw someone bent and picking up something heavy from the floor, in the living room. My immediate thought was that it must be our servant who must have come in for my Grandfather (who is not well since past few days), so I decided to sleep again. But I don’t know why some doubt popped up in my head and so I got out of the mosquito net. (Trust me, this is the first time in my life when I felt something suspicious and did not call my Dad, neither did I switched on the lights!)

When I stepped out into the living room, I saw the door to the backyard open! There wasn’t anybody (the thief had gone outside for some weird reason). What a nut was I .. I kept standing there for about 30 seconds trying to understand what was happening (It happens when you’ve just woken up from half-sleep). For those 30 seconds I kept thinking ~ How did my servant come in, as Mom and Dad are not awake. Then I explained to myself that maybe Mom gave him the keys so that he can come in for my Grandpa’s aid whenever needed.

While I was busy gathering my senses, I saw someone coming in from the backyard. And shockingly, it wasn’t my servant! He was a man in his 40s, I suppose, dark complexioned, wearing a stripped T-shirt and a weird cap. That was when I gathered all my senses and realized that someone had broken in into our house and the man in front of me was a thief!

At, that instant I was seeing one of the biggest fears of my life in front of my eyes. I felt that my house is in someone else’s control and that I am all alone! Honestly, I had a thousand thoughts in my head every second!

Before I could utter a word, the man rushed towards me with disgust. He had a knife in his hand! My eyes popped out with fear and I had a cold sweat. I took few steps backward while he came forward to get hold of me. A million thoughts crossed my mind at that instant ~ ‘Should I shout? But if I shout, he will attack not just me but whoever gets up for my aid. Should I wake up my bro who was sleeping in my room? But if I wake him up, the thief will attack him.’ Moving backward step by step I had come back into my room. I thought I should quickly close my door, but he was too close for me to do that. He was holding the knife right in front of my throat.. ready to attack!

Finally I decided that I will stay quiet and surrender to him. (I must confess, I felt that in the next few seconds I may be _____ well I am too scared to say the word) But when it comes to your family’s safety, you are ready to take a risk...... and yes, I was ready.

He rubbed his teeth and said to me “Chup, Chup !” I immediately kept my ‘finger on my lips’ and with my gestures, conveyed to him that I am quiet and pleaded him to leave. He still came into my room with his knife still in front of my throat and peeped in. He understood that the girl is not alone as my brother was sleeping there. Then, afraid of being caught, he gave me a horrifying look and rushed out of the door of the backyard.

*All this happened within a minute.

That moment when he was going out, I felt as if I am getting back my life again. My heart thumped. Even the relief was not relieving!

I quickly went after him and closed the door. Till that time, I was not able to get a single word out of my throat. Then I turned around shouting “Papa, Papa, ghar me chor hai”. I rushed towards my parent’s room and saw the front door open, and lot of litter lying here and there. I was crazily scared. Hearing my voice everyone got up and came out. That was the time I re-gained my breath.

We called up our servant inside and checked the house. The thief had broken the lock to get in. He must have been inside the house for atleast half-an-hour because he had thoroughly checked my brother’s room but thankfully my brother’s room is always a mess and is full of nothing but books, CDs, parts of his electronic project, shoes, clothes and a whole lot of non sense. So all he could get there was a wallet*. 

(*Now here I’d like to mention ~ All that glitters is not Gold! The wallet was thick so he assumed it to be full of money but ofcourse he didn’t know that my bro has this habit of collecting all the silly receipts of the world. :P There were just 6 Rupees in that wallet. Though the wallet was a genuine ‘Lee’ worth Rs. 800 but its condition made it look like it is not worth pennies.) 

Another thing that he stole was a mobile which was a CDMA phone. I must say, very thoughtful of him, he left the SIM behind. But poor soul, he didn’t know that the phone was 6 years old and could not run for more than 3 hours without being charged. :P So, in all, it was a loss of Rs 5806 for us and a gain of Rs.6 for the thief. :P

What was interesting was, that everywhere the thief searched, he got a ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ which he left behind. :) There definitely was God guarding us that night.

When I told everyone about what had happened, they were ‘all praises’ for me for being so calm and patient in a situation where anybody would have lost his cool and for being so brave. **Blush Blush**

But yes, brave I was! I must say I felt really happy with myself for dealing with the situation in the best possible way, without getting everyone into a trouble. With God’s hand on me, I faced one of the worst fears of my life with courage. :) For the first time in my life, I felt like a Rajput

But now when I think about what had happened, I feel a chill in the spine. There certainly was God who was helping me out and He saved me that night through His divine blessings. I cannot thank God enough for helping us out that night. Jai Gayatri Mata !


  1. damn i hate blogspot fr goofin up evytym i post a comment..newayz thumbz up fr keepin a cool n calm composure n thnx fr scaring me by giving da inkling ov sleepless nites during mba fase :(

  2. Wow ! And I had to call you up for you to tell me ! :(
    BTW, very very well written sweetie... :)