Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One Good Deed ! :)

This post is specially for slim & trim girls like me who are unfortunately not eligible to indulge into good deeds like Blood donation ! So here is something that 'we' can do ! :)

Many cute, small birdies have trouble quenching their thirst in the summers!(especially in cities, where you do not have many water bodies around) So one small act of ours can really help them big time.

Just get a saucer shaped earthen utensil, fill it with water up to the brim (for making it easier for the birds to drink) and keep it in your veranda or on your boundary wall. (Thats no rocket science, I m sure !)

Trust me, it feels so divine to see small birds coming down to your veranda and drinking the water you gave them. I bet they give us a thousand blessings.

I do that everyday! If we are not in a position to do great deeds for the society  we can rather serve the nature through our little act of kindness.

And later, if you start liking it, be more generous and offer them a little food too ! :)